Allen Sasaki

Allen Sasaki began his coffee career in 1980 with MJB, Co., a San Francisco based roasting company. He started in the marketing department, moved to green coffee buying then into general management where he served as Chief Operating Officer overseeing green coffee procurement, retail and foodservice sales, marketing and manufacturing. In 1985, after the sale of MJB to Nestle, Allen moved to the importing side with Lonray Coffee International. He joined the ECOM group in 1993 as Vice President of Atlantic (USA). In 1996, he founded Atlantic Specialty Coffee to represent ECOM specialty coffees throughout North America.

Allen served as President of the PCCA in 1990-1991 and remains as an active member today.

Tina Berard

Tina’s coffee roots span back to 1981 when she joined Berard Trading, her father’s commercial coffee importing firm learning her craft in all capacities from quality control, logistics, marketing, purchasing, and sales. In 1992 she organized under Berard Corporation as its COO.

Tina Berard has served as vice president of Atlantic Specialty Coffee since its inception in 1996. She assists in the overall management, development, and direct of the company with special emphasis on trading sustainable coffees and the implementation of certification programs within the organization.

In Tina’s 28 years she’s been an active member of the National Coffee Association (NCA), a board member of The Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) and has served on various SCAA Committees. Tina is currently celebrating her fifth year as a board member of Grounds for Health, a non-profit organization bringing health care to women in coffee growing communities.

 Aleece Bruckner

Aleece Bruckner joined on at Atlantic Specialty in 2015 as a coffee trader.  Utilizing her Q Grader certification and years of experience in quality control, she participates in cupping evaluations daily.

Aleece began her career in coffee working for a premier Bay Area specialty coffee roaster.  She gained expertise during her 8 years with the company in quality control, green coffee usage, green coffee contracts, sample roasting and logistics.  In her final year with the company Aleece worked as a production coffee roaster, fine tuning her understanding of roast development through heat application and air flow.  In 2013 she focused her career on trading while managing the quality control department at an international trade house, working to deliver the highest quality coffee while consistently meeting the needs of her clients.

Operations and Finance

Emi Kamura

Emi joined ASCI in March 2013 as Vice President of Operations and Finance.  Her coffee education began in 1998 in Mexico on the export side after she graduated from Wellesley College.  She started out by helping receive coffees into the mill, learning to cup, and eventually worked her way up to a trader role.  Since returning to the States in 2002, she’s had the opportunity to have roles in several departments (usually at the same time) including quality control, logistics, trading and finance.  Emi served on the Board of Directors for the PCCA 2011/12.  She is fluent in Spanish.  Outside of the office, Emi can be found sipping wine, being trained by her cat, or training for that next half marathon.


Patrick  Mitchell

Patrick joined ASCI in September of 2014 as Logistics Manager. He held a similar position for many years prior, but in the wine industry. His love of coffee began at an early age but was always consumption oriented; he has a collection of over 20 coffee pots with some examples dating as far back as 1925.

Delia Moran

Delia is new to the world of Coffee. She came to Atlantic Specialty Coffee Ltd from the retail world and while her previous responsibilities included everything from advertising to tracking inventory , there has been a common thread with her attention to continuity and details. Her current responsibilities and learning curve involve an introduction to the world of specialty coffees and the procedures involved in the importing of coffee beans from all corners of the world to Atlantic Specialty Coffee Ltd.

Carlos Eusebio

Carlos arrived to Atlantic Specialty with a background in accounting. He currently serves as Atlantic Specialty’s Accounting/Inland Logistics specialist handling the Invoicing and Delivery Orders of ASCI coffees to the clients. He is also cross –training with the Logistics group in order to better serve ASCI clients. From invoicing to delivery order to setting up the actual transport of green beans from public warehousing to the client’s plant is Carlos’ area of expertise.



Caitlin McCarthy-Garcia

Caitlin has worked in the specialty coffee industry for ten years and is the Quality Control Specialist  at ASCI.   She is a licensed Q grader and has participated as a judge for the SCAA Brewer’s Cup Competition and as an international judge at the Cup of Excellence competition. Caitlin began in coffee as a barista while attending University California at Santa Cruz, and after graduating she worked at Peet’s Coffee & Tea’s headquarters. Her passion for learning more about coffee led her to a position at Equator Coffees where she worked as a roaster and coffee buyer. Caitlin won the 2012 Good Food Award and the 2013 SCAA Roaster’s Choice Competition. Her article on the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange was published earlier this year in Roast Magazine. She is a member of the Roaster’s Guild and an SCAA volunteer. Caitlin lives in Oakland with her husband Alex and dog Lola.

Erica Contreras

Erica joined the specialty coffee community when she joined Atlantic Specialty Coffee. Since joining ASCI as an part-time assistant in the quality control lab in 2009, Erica has since been promoted to QC Lab Coordinator. Erica is responsible for running our quality control operations on a daily basis, including responsibility for roasting, cupping facilitation, producer communications, and all inbound and outbound sample management.