India International Coffee Festival 2009: 7 to 9 October 2009 Bangalore

The IICF is going to be held this year 7 to 9 October in Bangalore. From all reports this is a very important event for the Indian Coffee industry with very good attendance expected from planters, traders, exporters, local roasters etc. Ecom Gill has bought a stall to show case Ecom with particular focus on our Sustainable Agri-Services project that we have been running since last year to get planters certified in both Rainforest Alliance and Utz Certified.

First we are more than happy to host any collegues or interested clients who would be interested in joining us in Bangalore for the conference and combining with a trip to the coffee growing regions and our mill. I apologise for the late announcement and understand it may be difficult at such short notice but I hope there might be some who are able to join us.

More importantly – the organising committee has asked us if we have someone within the Ecom Group who could attend to give a talk on Sustainability in Coffee – they are looking for someone with particular experience on the production side that includes certification and all that it entails with best practices. Please send me some potential candidates for this role as soon as possible. This would be a very good opportunity for us to promote Ecom as a serious company involved in Sustainability.

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