Indonesian Specialty Coffee Auction 2010

On October 9-10th, 2010 the Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia (SCAI) will hold the first-ever auction of Indonesia’s best Arabica specialty coffees.

Farmers’ cooperatives and exporters from across Indonesia are preparing small lots of top quality coffee for the auction. These coffees are traceable to single origins and carefully selected for their aroma and flavor. Coffees from Aceh Gayo, Lintong, Sidikilang, Java, Flores, Toraja and Papua are expected to enter. Many of the coffees will be certified Rainforest Alliance, Organic or Fair Trade. Single origin Luwak coffees will also be featured.

This will be the first time that many of these coffees have been offered for sale, making the auction a unique opportunity for international coffee buyers.

The day before the auction, all the coffees entered in the auction will be “cupped” by a panel of Indonesian and international judges. The international judges have already confirmed their participation. The numerical scores from the cupping will be presented at the auction to inform the bidders.

The auction will be held at the Bali Kopi House in Denpasar Bali, following the International Coffee Science Association (ASIC) meeting, October 3-8th 2010.

ASIC participants, including the world’s top coffee importers and researchers will be invited to attend the judging and auction.

Following the auction, the winning bid prices will be widely announced, creating favorable publicity for Indonesia and its coffees. This will be done through coffee industry trade publications, as well as international travel and airline magazines.

As the “coffee culture” that began in the U.S. and Europe expands throughout Asia, there is strong interest about the people who grow fine coffee and the countries where it is produced. The auction offers an opportunity to tell the story of Indonesian coffee to the world.

Benefits of sponsorship

· Exposure to the world’s top coffee researchers, importers and roasters who will attend and participate in the auction.


· Favorable publicity in the Indonesian media, through the media partner i.e Top Airlines Magazine, Food & Beverages Magazine,Jakarta Globe , and other national publications. The auction will be newsworthy because it is the first time a public coffee auction has been held in Indonesia and record prices are expected for these small lots of rare coffee.


· International publicity through airline and travel magazines. SCAI will prepare a photographic article highlighting the scenic beauty

and cultural heritage of each origin represented in the auction. The auction and article will link the sponsor’s name to the best Indonesia coffee and exciting tourist destinations like Lake Toba, Bali, Toraja and Flores.

The Organizers :

The Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia (SCAI) is a registered Indonesian NGO with 93 members representing the entire Arabica coffee industry. SCAI members include more than 50 coffee farmers’ cooperatives with 40.000 farmer members, as well as exporters, coffee retailers, importers, research institutions and equipment manufacturers.

SCAI is holding this auction to showcase the coffees being grown by its members and to promote Indonesian coffee in the international marketplace.

SCAI has successfully managed several large events, including the 2009 Indonesia Barista Championship and the Coffee Quality Symposium.

Bali Kopi House has kindly offered to provide their restaurant and training room for the judging and auction and their Warehouse for coffee Auction’s store.   This beautiful facility is decorated with objects and art showcasing Indonesia’s 350 years as one of the premier coffee producing regions in the world.

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