Cupping Protocols

Atlantic Specialty Coffee operates a modern cupping lab where we taste our coffees daily. Our lab team takes great care in individually roasting and cupping all pre-shipment and arrival samples, as well as offer samples from producer partners and friends around the world.

Daily cupping notes are recorded and our results are communicated back to shippers, beneficios, and export offices completing the purchasing process of our integrated network.

We invite clients to join us anytime; just give us a call!

To ensure consistency in our cupping, we utilize Specialty Coffee Association of America cupping protocols, which include the following key elements:

  • 8 g (measured) coffee
  • 5 ounces water
  • Grind: medium (comparable to drip brewer)
  • Water: clean, filtered (NOT softened)
  • Water Temperature (Measured): 195°-205°
  • steep time: 4 minutes

Cupping Resources