The island is made up of five main cultural and linguistic groups who have migrated to Flores thought history including the Manggarai, Ngada, Lio, Sikka and Lamahlot. The main Arabica production areas are Manggarai near Ruteng and Ngada near Bajawa. Generally these coffees are semi-washed (aka pulped natural) similar to the majority of processing done in Northern Sumatra. Main varieties are Caturra and Linie S (also planted in Aceh/North Sumatra.) Some areas are still planted with the East Timor local typica variety called Juria. Most Flores that finds its way into US inventories has come from the Ngada region. This area is yet to achieve organic certification but the coffee is considered organic by default. At this time the only organic production coming from Flores is produced in Mangarrai. Crop runs from May to September.