Nepal Coffee Production Increases by 10 percent

KATHMANDU (Commodity Online) : Nepal’s tea and coffee production increased by ten and twelve percent respectively during the last fiscal, according to National Tea and Coffee Development Board.

In a statement issued here NTCDB said it has started registration of coffee entrepreneurs as it will help the development of country’s coffee sector as a whole.

With coffee directives in place, the country can export coffee worth $30,000 without any Letter of Credit, added the statement.
The directives have a facility for five-year tax holiday for the coffee industry.

Meanwhile, Nepali Coffee is in the final stages to get its logo registration done in the country.

Due to a delay in the logo registration of domestic tea and coffee in Nepal, they are fighting for their existence in the international market although it has high demand abroad.

After two years of hard work, NTCDB has been assured of getting Nepali Coffee logo registered here. The logo registration has been pending for a long time affecting its registration in the international market. Nepali Tea logo has been registered in Nepal.

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