Peru’s coffee harvest likely to reach 6 mn quintals in 2015


Lima, Dec. 30. The National Coffee Board (JNC) has estimated that coffee harvest in Peru will reach 6 million quintals next year due to stronger investment in fertilization and crop management practices.

“Improvement will take place at all levels of production, especially in northeastern Peru, where more integrated crop management tasks have emerged,” said JNC President, Anner Roman.
However, he warned this estimate will be accurate as long as the climate does not change in the following four months.
“We are glad to hear producers have renewed optimism even though there is uncertainty over international prices. Now it all depends on the weather,” he added.
Roman said recovery is seen in every coffee growing region and could be similar to that of 2012, despite the constraints in getting access to working capital.
“We strive to fertilize our coffee plantations, because we think this is the best way to prevent blight,” he added.


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